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 China's Policy towards Exports:

   Manufacturing is capitalized based on regional domestic needs.  Free enterprises systems

   are being promoted at a control growth rate and within specific areas.  Our team in China is

   incorporated in a free trade and free enterprises area.  This allows ABC China to take

   advantage of the manufacturing potential outside of the free enterprise area but for ABC to

   operate as a traditional Western company within China where employee incentives and company

   profit and dictate growth and corporate direction of the company and not manipulated by the

   communist rules of business.

   ABC China:

   ・ Evaluates product quality

   ・ Assists with enginerring translation of Western products into Chinese Manufacturing Standards

   ・ Performs Central Receiving and Shipping for container Direct Programs

   ・ Translates Western Standards into Chinese Manufacturing Standards  

   ・ Sets Quality control standards and measures

   ・  Negotiates directly with manufacturers for quotes and deliveries

   ・  Secures bids for shipping and quotas

   ・ Organizes warehousing and inventory program for products manufactured with Western components

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   ・ 製品品質を評価します。

   ・ 西洋製品の工学技術を中国製造基準へ導入、支援します。

   ・ コンテナ直送の取引企画において中核の受注・出荷を実施します。

   ・ 西洋基準を中国製造基準へ導入します。

   ・ 品質管理基準値&測定値を設定します。

   ・ 見積および出荷条件について製造業者と直接交渉します。

   ・ 出荷および割当額について指値を保証します。

   ・ 西洋部品で製造された製品の倉庫保管&在庫計画を準備します。

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